COF003 The Terminator

We’re a bit late on this one. But plague and disease is to blame! Forgive us?

This month, the Chicks review 1984’s The Terminator.  Its the classic time travel flick directed by James Cameron and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, and Michael Biehn.

Be forewarned – we definitely earn our “often off-topic” stripes in this episode.  We get a bit sidetracked on 1980s fashion, dated SFX, the merits of phone book usage, we check in on Linda Hamilton, and discuss when 1980s soundtracks go wrong.  But we always make our way back to Reese, Sarah Connor, and the always affable and charming T101.


COF002 Grosse Pointe Blank

..or, The Debi Newberry Problem.

In Episode 2, the Chicks take on 1997’s Grosse Pointe Blank. A tale about a hitman, a high school reunion and a long lost love. Starring John Cusack, Minnie Driver, Alan Arkin, and Dan Ackroyd, Grosse Pointe Blank, at its heart, is a rom-com, which just might, as it turns out, be the movie’s downfall. Not sure you agree? Take a listen to this episode and let us know in the comments!

And remember, we’re still working through our podcast newb-ness. Lesson #1, it’s hard to podcast with a headcold! But! We now have some theme music! Thanks to Allen Grey Music for our jaunty theme music!


COF001 The Crow

Welp, here it is! Our very first episode! All shiny and new! This is definitely a work in progress as we are still figuring stuff out, learning all of this fancy podcast recording/editing stuff, and just generally finding our footing. So please be kind! ;)

In this inaugural episode, we tackle movie remakes, great soundtracks and the nature of Good vs. Evil, as we review a tale as old as time: love, revenge, bad wigs and electrical tape: 1994’s The Crow starring the late Brandon Lee, Michael Wincott, Ernie Hudson, Bai Ling, and Tony Todd.