Episode 10: 2015: A Year in Review

Happy New Year, friends!

In Episode 10 (!!), the Chicks take a look back on what they watched, enjoyed, or didn’t enjoy throughout 2015. It was a great year in film and this was an awesome opportunity for the Chicks to pause and reflect.

And as usual, it was also a chance for the Chicks to go horribly off-topic.   They also discuss Kristine’s new found love of Colin Farrell, whether or not In Bruges is a comedy or not a comedy (hint: it IS a comedy), what constitutes Sci Fi,  who Star Wars is made for, strong female characters, Penny Dreadful’s Chandler/Lyle ‘ship, Kilgrave mixed feelings, and letting folks have the ability to have the kind of fantasies they want to have without being judged.

Here’s the list of all of the flicks or TV shows that the Chicks discussed in this podcast:

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