COF009 A Nightmare on Elm Street

Hey guys, Kristine here! After a bit of a delay, the Chicks are back! This episode was recorded in October. So, yup, a really big delay! Sometimes, real life happens. Sorry, folks! :S  But we are recording our next episode tomorrow and for 2016, you can expect us to resume our mostly monthly offerings! Happy New Year!

In Episode 9, the Chicks review the classic Wes Craven flick, 1984’s A Nightmare of Elm Street.  Set firmly in the 1980s, this flick is one of the horror slasher classics which also introduces the world to Fred Krueger. The flick stars: Robert England, Heather Langenkamp and a fresh young man named Johnny Depp.

The Chicks also discuss 1980s horror flicks, Pinhead, influential franchises, horror flick production costs, Guillermo, people who do not know River Phoenix is (?!!?), and meta and horror tropes!


Here are some links to related stuff we mentioned on the podcast.


  • Korri!
  • Smaff!
  • Pinhead!

Film: A Nightmare on Elm Street
Released: 1984
Running Time: 91 minutes
Director: Wes Craven
Writer(s): Wes Craven

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