Episode 01: The Crow

Welp, here it is! Our very first episode! All shiny and new! This is definitely a work in progress as we are still figuring stuff out, learning all of this fancy podcast recording/editing stuff, and just generally finding our footing. So please be kind! ;)

In this inaugural episode, we tackle movie remakes, great soundtracks and the nature of Good vs. Evil, as we review a tale as old as time: love, revenge, bad wigs and electrical tape: 1994’s The Crow starring the late Brandon Lee, Michael Wincott, Ernie Hudson, Bai Ling, and Tony Todd.

Film: The Crow
Released: 1994
Running Time: 102 minutes
Director: Alex Proyas
Writer(s): James O’Barr (Comic), David J. Schow and John Shirley (Screenplay)

5 comments on “Episode 01: The Crow

  1. Loved your podcast. I wanted to say that I felt Brandon Lee’s character continued to lose his humanity as the violence unfolded, making the vigilante justice more palatable as the violence increased.

  2. Kevin: thanks for being what might be our first listener that isn’t, well, us! :D And yeah, I agree, although he starts out pretty brutal (a sense some humanity was already lost during his resurrection), but he absolutely becomes less the “him” we see in flashbacks as the movie heads towards its logical end-point.

  3. Haha, hi guys! Listen to Garden State, it’s good ;) and dudes, this was rad, it was like being at dinner with you when you get going with each other (which is always entertaining). Loved it.

  4. You guys are sweetly amusing in this…so adorable. Some great insights into the mythology and archetypes of the film. The crow is a very interesting figure in native mythology and there is a lot of tie in with that within the film…the crow as a tricksker figure, an upsetter of programs as Joseph Campbell would say, creation/destruction. The crow is an emissary of the void and a channel for healing…which is what Draven does in some ways for Darla and the kid etc. I would love to see these as video in the future. p.s. also love IWTV soundtrack!

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