COF014 Lethal Weapon

In Episode 14,  the Chicks are back and reviewing the quintessential buddy-cop flick, Lethal Weapon. The flick stars Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, and Gary Busey.

The Chicks also discuss what they have been watching, their choices for Bond, 3D hardcore porn, watching better films, when movies become TV shows, tropes, character development, the on-going terribleness of M. Night, why are there 3 Expendables films, what 1980s films could get away with, analyzing art and media within the context of their time, inappropriate saxophone, and the on-going struggles of Mel Gibson.



COF013 Twelve Monkeys

RECORDING NOTE: Hi friends! It’s been a while. Have you missed us? We have missed you.  We know that its been a while.  Really-real life has been a bit of a beast for the both of us.   This episode was recorded in April (so very long ago). So a few things may seem oddly out of time and place…. but maybe, given the film we are reviewing, that’s ok.  The Chicks will be back in their monthly rotation very, very soon. 

In lucky Episode 13,  the Chicks review the 1995 time travelling mind-trip, Twelve Monkeys.  Its one third time-travel, one third viral apocalypse and one third Terry Gilliam wackiness. The flick stars Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt, Madeleine Stowe, Christopher Plummer, and David Morse.

The Chicks derail pretty hard in this episode and discuss what they have been watching, shared Twelve Monkeys delusions, actors who basically play themselves, mutual love for Jake Gyllenhaal, Kristine’s Herd, the Blade Runner sequel (and reboots, remakes and cash grabs… again), how films resonate with you depending on what point in your life you watch or re-watch it, their forlorn for kids’ movie-watching today, curating their Netflix queue, and TV vs Movies.



COF012 Deadpool

In Episode 12, the Chicks take on the Merc with a Mouth in the recently(-ish) released Deadpool! Its a revenge flick, a comic book flick, a romance flick, an action flick, and the world’s first rated R superhero flick! It stars Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, and Ed Skrein.

The Chicks also discuss what they have been watching (Lucifer and Chris Evans’ beard both make an appearance. You’re shocked, we can tell), superhero TV, effective marketing, the Oscars, Lena Dunham and Kristine has a bit of a meltdown; going HULK! SMASH! regarding Leonardo Dicaprio haters.

RECORDING NOTE:  Yup, we recorded this in March. Subsequently, Agent Carter has been canceled. Kristine is very sad.


COF011 District 9 and Snowpiercer

In Episode 11 and in a bit of wackiness, the Chicks review TWO flicks – District 9, a real world based sci-fi flick about alien/human race relations and refugees, and Snowpiercer, a dystopic flick about climate change, class systems and choo-choo trains.

The Chicks also discuss what they have been watching, an Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak relationship examination, their love of the X-Files, Oldboy Original vs. Oldboy Remake (Spoiler: Always choose the original!), the definition of chachkies, and the majesty that is Chris Evans’ beard.


COF010 2015: A Year in Review

Happy New Year, friends!

In Episode 10 (!!), the Chicks take a look back on what they watched, enjoyed, or didn’t enjoy throughout 2015. It was a great year in film and this was an awesome opportunity for the Chicks to pause and reflect.

And as usual, it was also a chance for the Chicks to go horribly off-topic.   They also discuss Kristine’s new found love of Colin Farrell, whether or not In Bruges is a comedy or not a comedy (hint: it IS a comedy), what constitutes Sci Fi,  who Star Wars is made for, strong female characters, Penny Dreadful’s Chandler/Lyle ‘ship, Kilgrave mixed feelings, and letting folks have the ability to have the kind of fantasies they want to have without being judged.